blackjack domination

Card counting in blackjack has always been considered a skill that only the most mathematically gifted players could ever master, but with the growing capabilities of smart phones, it was only a matter of time before it could be said; there’s an app for that.

Open Air Publishing is releasing “Blackjack Domination” – an application which is geared towards beginners to the game and claims to be able to enhance your game with lots of clever tricks and insights into the classic Vegas card game. And what about that card-counting? This app has over 1000 flashcards built into it to use, so you can drill the skills right into your brain, elementary school style.

They didn’t just stop at flashcards and tips however, they enlisted the help of blackjack experts like Jeff Ma. Sound familiar? It should – Jeff was part of the infamous MIT card counting team that took on casino blackjack tables and won millions. They were so good, they even made a movie about them called 21. A recommended film if you love casino gambling. So, if Jeff Ma isn’t an expert in the field, then no one is.

Blackjack is a favorite of casino players because of it’s relatively good odds for a win – in fact, for more on this, check out our odds page. It’s a game that requires some practice and a lot of study (especially if you want to become an MIT-level card counting expert) in order to be a consistent winner, but it can truly pay off if you put the time in.

Check out Blackjack Domination by Open Air Publishing right here.